Dr. Maxine Laine (Ed.D.) and Dr. Andrea Vechter (Ph.D.) are the co-creators and facilitators of all programs. Their work focuses on developing a better understanding of personal and professional transitions and learning practical skills to manage the stages involved. They will work with you to prepare for making the most of the mature years of your life.

Dr. Maxine Laine

Dr. Maxine Laine Ed.D. is a specialist in the formal and informal job-related learning of professional managers as they transition from one work state to another. What she discovered among mature professional managers was a thirst for knowledge, change and intellectual stimulation. As people mature, they want to move into areas that are more personally satisfying.

Dr. Andrea Vechter

Dr. Andrea Vechter Ph.D. is a specialist in transition management theory as it applies to linguistic and intercultural experience. Her research explores the process of learning to explore and embrace change at profound levels of human experience and how to learn from all of the stages of transition. Her professional experience includes teaching, academic administration and business consulting in Canada and abroad.