Managing Transitions  

Managing Transitions

Managing Transitions is a series of personal development workshops. These workshops are designed for people over 50 who are moving into the “legacy phase” of their lives. The legacy phase is the stage of life where you want to live in a different way.

You want to take the personal and professional experience that you have gained over time and put it towards making your own dreams come true. When faced with this opportunity, many of us don’t know where or how to start.

The Managing Transitions Series is a step-by-step planning process that helps to reduce the uncertainty we feel around moving into this phase of our lives. It shows us how to take a little more control over the process, by getting to know ourselves better, setting achievable goals, and starting to move them forward.

The main objective of the program is to help you develop the confidence, strategies, and connections you will need to create your own life for many wonderful years after 50.

For information and workshop bookings, please contact Maxine Laine at 416.924.2694 or Andrea Vechter at 647.801.4655

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